Apr 19, 2009

Alyssa Hanpongpandh

Founder of SNOW ( Shanghai Network Of Women )


Shanghai is the city of many International women from around the world. As one of them from Bangkok, my beginning period of working in this city was not convenient at all. It was slightly different from my best friend, Pacharee ( Nui ), as a Thai – American when she wrote about her inspiration to launch BNOW ( Bangkok Network Of Women ), Pacharee, Chair Woman of BNOW.

“ I thought, I'm Thai, I speak Thai; so, this should make things easier. Little did I know then, that though I have the communication skills and look Thai, I would have to learn to adjust to a system that was entirely foreign to me.”

My experience was the same as hers. I look Chinese and speak a bit of Mandarin but I am Thai so I struggled a lot trying to adjust to the system here as well. Everything needed to be done by myself with not much information from the local people. There was a big communication barrier. Fortunately, growing in hospitality industry connected me with a bunch of friends who gave me advice on how to do things properly in Shanghai.

SNOW ( Shanghai Network Of Women ) is my intention to give something back to the society I have lived here for more than 5 years, I also have gained inspiration from Pacharee ‘s dedication to BNOW. With my luck to meet with these professional, successful, smart, career-oriented, socially-dedicated, sophisticate women, and surprisingly single! I talked to them about launching SNOW ( Shanghai Network Of Women ) in Shanghai.

SNOW is a non-profit social club which provides supportive network and to inspire professional women from all walks of life in Shanghai

SNOW provides the following services

Monthly e-newsletter

Membership cards which gives members special offers and discounts at selected business

Networking events / Monthly Gathering that enable members to meet and interact while making new friends in this city

Local tours

Personal interest, development classes & educational workshops

Leisure activities

Charity Events which benefits the Chinese Community

Monthly Gathering with Single super club, and others


  1. Professional female who live in Shanghai. She is required to be recommended by SNOW board of committee and existing members.
  2. A valid member is defined as holding a fully paid-up membership card for the current membership year or partial year
  3. Membership shall be granted to individual age above 25 years old
  4. You can write to snowmembership@gmail.com for application form and bring it with you to a sign up event or we will provide them.
  5. Membership Fee is 200RMB and covers from May 2009 to May 2010
  6. Please bring along 2 passport photograph
  7. Please note you are not considered a member until you have paid your membership fees

If you cannot attend the monthly gathering and wish to join, please contact our Membership Director at snowmembership@gmail.com

Once you have completed the membership process, you will be entered into our database.

You will then begin to receive the monthly e-newsletters.

SNOW Contact

Inquiries - snow.shg@gmail.com MSN : snow.shg@hotmail.com

Membership - snowmembership@gmail.com

BLOG-EVENTS - http://www.shanghainetworkwomen.blogspot.com

The target date for SNOW Launch Party is June 11 2009.

Hope to see you all then, more details to follow.

Alyssa Han